Our Reaching Ministries are those ministries that are designed to reach out to the membership and the community. Part of our mission is to “Influence the World.” these are the ministries whose expressed mission is to reach out in a variety of ways to promote fellowship, warmth, and hospitality. Come see what we are about!
If you would like to join or inquire about any of these ministries please email us at:
Please signify the ministries you are interested in as part of your “subject.”


The purpose of the Hospitality Ministry is to extend courtesies to our worshippers who attend worship services, providing them with a welcoming greeting from the Sweet Home family
as well as information concerning the church.


The purpose of the Culinary Ministry is to serve as hosts/hostesses and to prepare food for church related activities including dinners, receptions, and banquets.

Restoration &

Re-entry Ministry (Prison)

The purpose of the Restoration and Re-entry Ministry is to equip families and church members to support the restoration and re-entry of currently and formerly incarcerated community members. All prophets addressed the nature of God, justice and defense of the poor and the marginalized. This ministry addresses the spiritual and practical needs of those caught in the criminal justice systems. Currently, Texas has 12 million men under supervision (prison, jailed, probation or paroled). Each year approximately 1,500 Williamson and 2,400 Travis county residents are incarcerated. When the formerly incarcerated return to the community they often do not have support or a connection to the community that allows for a successful re-entry to the community. The ministry fulfills Sweet Home’s mission by allowing our members to connect with the community to provide necessary support and services to the formerly incarcerated pre and post release and their families.